Edinburgh Airport welcomes customers’ pets at new animal centre

Edinburgh Airport welcomes customers’ pets at new animal centre

Holidaymakers who take their pets abroad can now bring them back home to Scotland through a new  service at Edinburgh Airport..

The move means the owners of pets including dogs, cats or ferrets have the option of touching down in Edinburgh Airport.

Previously, pets had to arrive at the UK’s only approved animal centres in London or Manchester.

Extrordinair started operating the animal reception centre last month and the airport has now opened a border inspection post for pets.

Dogs, cats and ferrets from EU countries and listed non-EU countries can enter the UK without entering quarantine, provided they pass through an approved centre. They must travel with an approved transport company on an authorised route. They must also be microchipped and vaccinated against rabies.

Sylvia Fleming, founder and managing director of the freight forwarding company, said: “Our new facility at Edinburgh Airport means that animals flying into Scotland can be reunited with their owners within hours of touchdown, provided that they have a valid pet passport or EU third-country health certificate and comply with Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) regulations.

“The service makes things much easier for owners and for pets, as a prolonged period of travel/separation in a strange environment can cause them stress.”

The airport’s animal reception centre has various sizes of kennels and a secure exercise area.

Gordon Dewar, the airport’s chief executive, said: “We know it’s been an inconvenience for passengers to have to travel to England first when they’re bringing their pets back to the country, so we’ve worked with Extrordinair to set up Scotland’s first small-animal border inspection post to give them the option of transporting small animals directly to the capital.”

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